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Re: Enterprise Use
by Judy Steidl - Saturday, 25 May 2013, 12:47 PM

Right!  I probably need to clarify. 

I'd like to see more of how Moodle platforms are organized on both small and large scales without an IT shop or Moodle Partner.  For instance, how does a small organization plan for growth by setting up a site that is so well-organized that it can grow exponentially.

For instance, a local library might provide a Moodle platform for encouraging literary skills and literature appreciation for at-risk youth. Before you know it, the program grows nationally because of the number of communities who want to provide services for at-risk youth.

So, from the beginning, how does one plan ahead for for entrepreneurial and enterprise use.  What are the considerations in growing wisely?  What are the difficulties that large scale users have found?  What are some of the success stories?

Many times, large scale and complex Moodle-based programs are behind the veil of a great IT team, funding, and proprietary resources.  But I see so many potential uses for Moodle even when those important resources are unavailable. 

So, that conversation would be helpful to me. smile