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Welcome to the iMoot2011 Website
by iMoot Team - Monday, 29 November 2010, 11:56 AM

Welcome to the new website for the second global iMoot, a web based International Moodle Moot.

iMoot2011 will be running from Saturday April 16th - Tuesday April 19th 2011 and will be operating 24 hours. This will allow speakers and attendees from all countries to participate in their own timezones or choose to stay up late and listen to those in others.

We are still fine tuning the technologies we will be using. Our forums are already active, so if you have ideas/suggestions please let us know how you think we can make this the bestiMoot ever!

This site is new and has not much information listed so far. Please make sure you take the time to register so that we can get updates to you as we move forward.

Our next update will be a call for papers from those who would be interested in presenting as well as information on how you can attend.

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