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UPDATE - 16th April. The presentations below have now been approved.

Congratulations to all of our presenters. You will be contacted individually with further information.

This database is here for the submission of presentations to be delivered at iMoot2013.

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Please Note: We know putting together a presentation and delivering it can be hard work. In recognition for your efforts presenters receive free registration to attend the full conference program.

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Presenter Title Stream Country Timezone Actions
Soozie Bea Moodle Tools to Facilitate Student-as-Curator Learning Intermediate How To's Australia UTC+10 More
Austen Sinclair Real world corporate use of the Totara distribution of Moodle Intermediate Case Study New Zealand UTC+12 More
Dan Poltawski How to guarantee your change is integrated to Moodle core Intermediate How To's Australia UTC-8 More
Stuart Mealor free Moodle hosting and community Novice Case Study New Zealand UTC+12 More
Gareth J Barnard Course formats showcase Novice How To's United Kingdom UTC+1 More
Nigel Mitchell Using Moodle for teacher professional learning Intermediate Case Study Australia UTC+9.5 More
Jane Lally It's Play School - Using the communication tools Novice How To's Australia UTC+10 More
Andrew Chambers Delivering Fully online classes to Post Grad Business students Novice Case Study Australia UTC+10 More
Natalie Denmeade Gamification in Moodle- more than just badges Intermediate How To's Australia UTC+10 More
Kristina Hollis Moodle and Mahara - Towards a model for lifelong learning and reflection Intermediate How To's Australia UTC+10 More
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