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Your Full Name Teresa Gibbison
iMoot Account Wendi Kirwan-Elliott
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Title Moodle use with Panopto at Waikato

During this presentation Teresa will share two key aspects of how Moodle has been leveraged to maximise the usefulness of Panopto for the University.  Firstly, it has reduced the technical overheads in managing Panopto e.g. authentication, creating classes, and allocating students.  Moodle now does all the heavy lifting for this aspect of administering the system   Secondly, Moodle has become a delivery platform for Panopto, generating impressive growth and the development of innovative uses.  For example, reducing the transactional distance for distance students, increasing teacher presence, assignment feedback, and as a component of the flipped class.  While Panopto could be used as a standalone lecture capture system, we believe that Moodle has been a key factor in exposing Panopto to staff and allowing them to envision use outside the lecture room.

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