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Title Using Gamification to Increase Course Engagement and Autonomy of Non-Traditional Online Students

I provide online courses for non-traditional students, namely, persons who are ordered by a court or agency to complete a specialized class such as anger management, alcohol/drug awareness, or DUI risk education to satisfy court requirements. 

We received numerous phone calls from students for help because students lost their place in the course, jumped around in lessons and admitted they did not read Getting Started / Navigation" instructions. However, we noticed that even inexperienced online participants expressed an interest in increasing their scores on lessons.

Since students are responding to the game elements of the courses, i.e., maximizing "points", I decided to use this game principle to (1) keep students more engaged and (2) increase autonomy, i.e., to reduce the number of phone calls for support.

Method: MyMoodle has been recoded so that a student sees which lessons they have completed, which lessons are incomplete and what requirements are remaining, for example time spent in lesson (the timer also has been tweaked). A gold star is awarded and placed after each lesson and each course completed. Students are locked out of previous lessons after completion to prevent "lesson-hopping" and reduce support calls. 

I will present two Moodle 2.33 test sites, a standard MyMoodle block and an enhanced "gamified' MyMoodle block. We can offer temporary access to the sites during the presentation.         

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Added: Sunday, 24 March 2013, 12:29 AM
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User: Thomas Wilson 

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