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Title The increasing importance of personalisation; use of the Moodle Lesson

Co-authors Martin Rich and Leona Norris

One of the potential benefits of a Virtual Learning Environment over both a physical classroom and a MOOC, is that it potentially offers a variety of ways of personalising material to the needs of students.

This session firstly explores the pedagogic drivers which are stimulating greater interest in personalisation. These include a more globalised and diverse student body, students with wider divergence in learning styles and preferences and an increased emphasis on supporting students who need additional help.

It then goes on to consider broad alternatives to personalisation in Moodle 1 and 2, but then focusses in particular on the use of the Moodle Lesson as a broad-based vehicle for personalisation, including its use for action mazes and simple forms of computer games. Specific examples are then reviewed to make the case for greater use of the Moodle Lesson as a important tool for personalisation.

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Added: Sunday, 17 March 2013, 12:32 PM
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