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Presenter Title Stream Country Timezone Actions
Joseph Thibault Crowdsourcing Moodle Development Novice Case Study United States of America UTC-5 More
Paul Hibbitts Building with Bootstrap: Using Moodle for Blended Mobile Learning Intermediate Case Study Canada UTC-7 More
Tim Hunt What next for the Moodle quiz and question bank? Intermediate How To's United Kingdom UTC+1 More
Thomas Wilson Using Gamification to Increase Course Engagement and Autonomy of Non-Traditional Online Students Intermediate Case Study United States of America UTC-6 More
Miriam Laidlaw Sloodling and Moodling in a virtual world Intermediate How To's New Zealand UTC+13 More
Sushil Karampuri Implementation of College Management Module in Moodle for a College Intermediate Case Study India UTC-5.5 More
Caryl Gordon How Marking Guides Changed My Life Intermediate How To's United States of America UTC-4 More
Nicole Harris Opening Moodle through Custom Modules Intermediate Case Study United States of America UTC-4 More
Petr Sudický Echo-Assignment: A new module for tutored text production and work revision Intermediate Case Study Czech Republic UTC+1 More
Anna Krassa Do not be afraid of Lessons! Intermediate How To's Greece UTC+3 More
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