2013 Presentation List

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Presenter Session Name Country Stream
Kristina Hollis META eLearning Australia Academic Paper
Carles Aguiló Collado Achieving accessibility in mathematics and other scientific fields Spain Academic Paper
Clive Holtham The increasing importance of personalisation; use of the Moodle Lesson United Kingdom Academic Paper
Andrew Chambers Delivering Fully online classes to Post Grad Business students Australia Case Study
Cathie Bond Graduate Nurse Program on Moodle – what we’ve learned in 4 years with Moodle Australia Case Study
Nigel Mitchell Using Moodle for teacher professional learning Australia Case Study
Gina Veliotis Building for our Future, Caring for our Community Australia Case Study
Paul Hibbitts Building with Bootstrap: Using Moodle for Blended Mobile Learning Canada Case Study
Solange Lalonde Reflecting on creating a Provincial Moodle Site for Teachers: Objectives Are Larger Than They Appear Canada Case Study
Petr Sudický Echo-Assignment: A new module for tutored text production and work revision Czech Republic Case Study
Anna Krassa The amazing... Moodle! Greece Case Study
Sushil Karampuri Implementation of College Management Module in Moodle for a College India Case Study
Austen Sinclair Real world corporate use of the Totara distribution of Moodle New Zealand Case Study
Heidi Blair Let's Collaborate - One Year Later United States of America Case Study
Joseph Thibault Crowdsourcing Moodle Development United States of America Case Study
Nicole Harris Opening Moodle through Custom Modules United States of America Case Study
Tom Wilson Using Gamification to Increase Course Engagement and Autonomy of Non-Traditional Online Students United States of America Case Study
Dan Poltawski How to guarantee your change is integrated to Moodle core Australia How To's
Jane Lally, Judi Gowing and Marie-Louise Geary It's Play School - Using the communication tools Australia How To's
Kristina Hollis Moodle and Mahara - Towards a model for lifelong learning and reflection Australia How To's
Kristina Hollis Moodle Databases Australia How To's
Kristina Hollis Moodle Quizzes and Question Types Australia How To's
Natalie Denmeade Gamification in Moodle- more than just badges Australia How To's
Soozie Bea Moodle Tools to Facilitate Student-as-Curator Learning Australia How To's
Simi Shah Power of Peer Assessment with Workshop Brunei How To's
Michael Tighe & Stephan Rinke Using SCARF to make moodle more motivating Germany How To's
Sigi Jakob-Kühn Added value of Mahoodle in learning Germany How To's
Anna Krassa Do not be afraid of Lessons! Greece How To's
Frederic Nevers Gamify your Moodle courses - Increase student engagement with conditional activities & badges Hong Kong How To's
Ramesh Sharma Integrating virtual Classroom Platform with Moodle India How To's
Justin Hunt Recording Video with YouTube Japan How To's
Justin Hunt PoodLLing Japan How To's
Dan Marsden Using Plagiarism plugins in the Assignment, Workshop, Forum modules in Moodle 2.4 New Zealand How To's
Dan Marsden Tips and tricks for using SCORM in Moodle New Zealand How To's
Dan Marsden Assignment Marker allocation and management New Zealand How To's
Miriam Laidlaw Sloodling and Moodling in a virtual world New Zealand How To's
Benjamin Wagner Being Mr Moodle... United Kingdom How To's
Gareth J Barnard Course formats showcase United Kingdom How To's
Tim Hunt What next for the Moodle quiz and question bank? United Kingdom How To's
Gordon McLeod Vanilla is not the only flavour United Kingdom How To's
Anthony Borrow Moodle Addons: Adding your technological distinctiveness to Moodle core United States of America How To's
Caryl Gordon How Marking Guides Changed My Life United States of America How To's
Mary M Rydesky Tips, Tricks, & Magic in Moodle United States of America How To's
Karrie Anne Vitti Moodle4Educators: Connecting You To Other Moodlers United States of America How To's
Bas Brands Building with Bootstrap: Integrating Moodle with Bootstrap Netherlands
Anthony Borrow Playing with Moodle's Most Popular Plugins United States of America
Maryel Mendiola I admin my own Moodle. Now what? Mexico How To's
Ramon Eixarch Arabic Mathematical Notation Spain How To's