2 Our Theme "Open"

iMoot Theme

The theme for this year's presentations is “OPEN”. So much can come from one word and we see this one in particular having very strong ties with Moodle. What do we mean by this? Think of open education, open communities, open courseware, open licensing, open source and more. The list goes on. At it's core however we see “OPEN” is about collaboration, sharing and removing barriers. Each of these are at the core of what Moodle is all about.

Now that our theme is established, we are seeking presentations that fit within this theme to broadcast to the global community. While it is obvious that Moodle specific presentations are welcomed, we are also wanting to hear talks on how you or your organisation have embraced "OPEN" ideals. Some examples are below:

  • Open DoorAre running a MOOC or delivering an open education program to your students. Why do you do this? How successful has it been?
  • You could deliver a case study on why you moved from closed LMS platforms to the open Moodle platform and the benefits and negatives to the move.
  • Are you using complementary open source technologies alongside Moodle that you and your students are finding useful?
  • Are you part of the every growing Moodle community on Moodle.org or elsewhere. What have been your experiences?
  • Is your organisation embracing Creative Commons or other styles of OER content. What are they? How effective have they been? What are the challenges?
  • Moodle is fully GPL licensed. Have you written a plugin that you think others would like to use? Are their plugins that you use that think need highlighting?

If you think you have a presentation that would suit the theme, please be sure to submit it to our database. All presenters at iMoot receive free access to the entire event.