RebeccaRebecca Barrington

  • Country: England
  • Organisation: South Devon College
  • Role: Learning Technologies Manager


Rebecca Barrington has been using Moodle for over seven years whilst working at South Devon College. She provides a range of support, training and information guides for teaching staff and uses Moodle in her own teaching, including a qualification about virtual learning environments. Rebecca has a keen interest in using technologies to support learning and is continually developing new ways of using Moodle and applying these to online courses for use with students. South Devon College has a well-known reputation for its use of technology and Rebecca also travelled around the country to deliver training and advice on using Moodle to other organizations as well as at regional and national events. She is also a regular contributor to online VLE forums to share ideas and advice, and is the author of Moodle Gradebook from Packt Publishing.