KristinaKristina Hoeppner

  • Country: New Zealand
  • Organisation: Catalyst IT
  • Role: eLearning Specialist, Member of the Mahara core development team


Living in Wellington in New Zealand, Kristina is a member of the Mahara development team at Catalyst IT, the largest independent open source technology specialist in Australasia and lead development company of Mahara. She often answers questions in the Mahara community forums and supports users. Kristina is the main contributor of the Mahara user manual which is being translated into different languages by enthusiastic Mahara users.

Having worked at universities in Germany and Luxembourg training lecturers and students in the use of (educational) technology, she has now the opportunity to work more closely with individual software applications and support users around the world.

In other things, Kristina is a project manager in the Catalyst IT eLearning Team, facilitator for Mahara and Moodle workshops and likes playing with new technologies exploring them for their use in education.