MichaelMike Churchward

  • Country: Canada
  • Organisation: Remote-Learner Canada
  • Role: Chief Information Officer and President


Mike Churchward,Chief Information Officer and President of Remote-Learner Canada, has a BA in Computer Science with a Minor in Business Studies. He has been developing learning technologies for over twenty years. Mike began his career developing training simulators for the aerospace industry, then moved on to CBT during the new media revolution. As the web developed, much of his development moved to that platform. Mike has been a Moodle core developer for the past six years and founded Open Knowledge Technologies, the Canadian Moodle partner company acquired by Remote-Learner in 2008. Mike is the co-author of Moodle 1.9 Extension Development from Packt Publishing, and works from Remote-Learner's Waterloo, Ontario, Canada office.